Now What?


Diagnosis Parkinson’s Disease…Now What?

A Guide For Patients and Caregivers

This book was written for the person with Parkinson’s Disease and their caregivers. The goal of this book is to introduce the realities of living with Parkinson’s Disease and to bring comfort and familiarity to its many facets.

Topics Include: Nutrition, Exercise, Therapies, Medications, Technology, Mental Health, Emotional Support, Sleep Management and more.

a Empowering and Informative read

Expertly Written and Easy To Understand

Diagnosis Parkinson's Disease...Now What? is a gem for anyone seeking clarity and guidance after a diagnosis. The authors break down complex medical jargon into easily understandable language, making it accessible to both patients and caregivers. The insights shared in this book are invaluable, providing a roadmap for navigating the various aspects of Parkinson's Disease with confidence and understanding. It's a must-have resource for anyone affected by this condition

Fiona Lewis

A Lifeline for Those Affected

This book is a lifeline for both patients and caregivers navigating the complexities of Parkinson's Disease. From the emotional impact of diagnosis to the day-to-day challenges of symptom management, the authors offer a comprehensive guide that is both supportive and practical. I appreciate the emphasis on maintaining hope and finding joy despite the challenges. This book has been a true beacon of light during a difficult time

Benjamin Campbell

Turning Personal Challenges Into Positive Outcomes

Bad things will happen to all of us at some point. What's important is what we decide to do with it. Rory has used that challenge to become a much stronger person. He has also used that experience to produce a book that will help many people struggling with the same life challenge, either as a patient or as a caregiver. Great job Rory

Gerald Briscoe

Empowering and informative Read

Diagnosis Parkinson's Disease...Now What? is a must-read for anyone dealing with this diagnosis. It's not only informative but also incredibly empowering. The authors provide clear explanations of the disease and its progression, along with practical strategies for managing symptoms and improving quality of life. This book has helped me feel more confident in my ability to support my loved one through their Parkinson's journey.

Ella Simpson

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Other Books By Rory Graham

Other Books By Rory Graham

Finding Light In The Darkness...A Caregivers Guide:

Navigating the Medical Minefield

This book was written to help caregivers on this journey and give them an edge when facing the medical establishment that they will encounter with their loved ones. The focus is to explain from real-life experience what they may encounter along the way and how they can best handle the situation to avoid the pitfalls and produce a positive outcome.

Topics covered are:

Your mindset during the journey - Your loved one's mindset - The family Doctor - Therapy - Prescriptions - Nursing Homes - Rehabilitation Centers- Nurses - Medical Imaging Centers - Support Groups - Specialists - Urgent Care Centers - Hospitals - Assisted Living Facilities - Memory Care Centers - Home Health Care - Dental Care and Hospice Care.

Finding Happiness: Unlocking A Lifetime Of Smiles

Feeling sad, depressed unfulfilled?

You’re not alone. Studies show that an alarming number of people worldwide report feeling dissatisfied with their lives. This book can help you change that through understanding what happiness is and how you can cultivate it. Believe it or not, this is achievable by everyone, every day.

The book also addresses finding happiness in specific stressful situations such as the workplace, as a single parent, as an introvert, in retirement, in a relationship, and more.

Did I Tell You I Love You Today?

This is the story of Jake and Anna set against a backdrop of adventure, emotion, and inspiration. The book follows Jake as he travels across time and space into his past and struggles to take the lessons learned in his life and apply them to carefully create a brighter future and save his family.

This book through love, loss, discovery, and renewal forces you to ask questions that truly matter in life. Above all, ask yourself, what would you change if life gave you a second chance?


Rory Graham is a video producer and marketer with 39 years of experience and the owner of Allied Video Services. His passion is to find creative solutions to help his clients succeed in attracting, converting, and communicating with their prospects.

He is the creator and producer of “Hampton Roads Business Live” an online interview show that interviewed more than 400 local successful business owners in Hampton Roads.

Rory is the author of several books, including “Did I Tell You I Love You Today?” “Finding Happiness” and “Finding Light in The Darkness.”

Martin Smith

He is a business speaker and trainer who has helped over 300 entrepreneurs in opening their own production companies across the United States.

Rory is very involved in community causes, including the American Red Cross, Union Mission, the American Parkinson Disease Association, and others. Rory has two sons and lives in Chesapeake, VA.

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